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We're not talking about the SUV's that ferry people to and from the Food Lion or line the parking lots at Tanger Outlet. No, we are talking about the equivalent of the Cowboy's Horse. The work and play vehicle most commonly seen in these parts.

No matter if it is for use on a construction site, on the farm, towing a boat or in the field during hunting season, trucks are just plain a WAY of life around here. On Sunday morning you will find rows of trucks parked at the local churches and recreation areas. Each vehicle is a unique expression of the driver and how they go about their daily lives. You see a truck you know and you say "That's Joe".. Not a Ford or a Chevy or a Dodge but instead you immediatly identify the owner, his life style and his personality.
Trucks are not for everyone. Trucks are tools, offices, supply and delivery vehicles and essential for hard working individuals that make this country great.

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